fishnets by carl geers for

My fishnets ripped, cut straight up, kind of like the skin as I slit their fucking throats....had cock shock value rubbing against my leg, yet still submissive child, I'll beg for forgiveness. And the pretty whore girl with the collapsed veins trained me well to laugh in the faces of everyone who shows concern. This is your future when you wake up in the summer and she gets you orange juice to chase the disease pills and you realize there is no turning back from this moment. I was just dancing to pretty songs, emulating her every move, but the audience glares with glass eyes as they throw tomatoes up my skirt.....realize its your crowd who moves without grace. Cold shoulder rigamortis arms, there is no applause.....don't shake my papercut hands. It was wonderful meeting all of you, the pleasure was mine. Jealous red meat cunt, she fed me candy and bitter sex stories while whispering what an adorable child I was. You reach for the trigger bitch but I shoot for the gun. I was doing her a favor, just throwing the dog a bone. They have nitrate smiles, takes five stages to decay but time flies kids....the angling and lighting makes them look almost human. and this picture is worth a thousand words. the flash is pretty girls for you're nothing I haven't seen a thousand times before.