Poison Carrots For The Rabbits

Thump...Thump....Thump...it's just the rabbits mam'.  They ate the poison carrots I left out along the fault lines.  The thumps were the rabbits dropping dead.  She told me I'm nothing without my knife.  I'm a stupid boy now cause I'm in love with Brandy Lee....but you don't realize what she means to me...I just love the way her name rolls off my tongue.  I put the poison carrots all around the bed.  She's confused yeah I'm not Jack The Ripper I'm disarmed so it goes..Click....Click...Click...goes the lighter three times while you were sleeping.  She said I lit the blankets on fire and tried to kill her.  It's not the fire that kills it's the smoke you inhale. She floats on in my room like some sort of angel and leaves chopsticks on my bed.  She's been up in the clouds smoking with my electricity.  I bounced off the walls.  I laughed in her face.  You'll have to kill me you stupid cunt.  Every time you push me and my body hits the wall theres a split second where you rest and I say, "do it again, I like it". In that split second I could reach up into the glasses that cover your eyes.  Like a sty, red, inflamed,infected I rip your eyelashes out one by one.  Poison carrots for the rabbits. It's of no consequence at all. I'm just collecting rabbit pelts for my Brandy Lee. Her ignorance became my bliss.  She'll reap what she's sown.  It only takes a split second for earthquakes to crack the fault lines.  I create catharsis in those split seconds.  The men in the white suits are coming and I don't care much where I'm running unless it's back into you. She put her hands around my throat and told me how much she'd like it if I was her little boy everyday.  She'd always try to put my cock in her ass when we cuddled.  I'm always nodding through these moments of affection.  Now these girls grab my throat and squeeze but they don't dig they're nails in like a real nazi.  I'm talking to fast again.  I screamed at her to articulate herself.  I told him I had to get off the phone to take a shower.  I smell like a dead rabbit.  Yelling is telling and I've gotten too loud in between the thumps.  Silly rabbit...she's grabbing me around my waist trying to remove me from my bedroom.  I need to piss on my territory.  but she's got no teeth to lie through. it's a shame my thoughts are scattering....and all my illusions of anarchy are shattering....falling into the fault lines. He says he believes one day I'll kill someone.  That I antagonize people into violence.  She's bouncing her curls up the stairs singing, "blame it on Rio" over and over.  There's a million pretty girls in the world but none of them with curls like Brandy Lee.  She grabs my throat and digs in.  My blood underneath her nails.  I tried to leave.  Shoot the shit for forty-five minutes elsewhere. They say I'm stupid but my speech impediment is a disguise.  We put his body in the shallow part of the river they probably found it by now all these years later. Nigger crackheads that won't be missed.  We sat there with him all night but I'm a pathological liar.  So when she's telling them I hit myself it's alright.  Blame it on Rio.  Jack The Ripper with no knife. it's alright just start writing letters to all the newspapers.  A stamp flew off her dresser as she pushed me back against the wall,,,don't know how the air managed to carry it to my side.  I pick up the stamp and pocket it.  It's all right she'll never notice it's gone.